The Name Of The Kind Of Hats That Chefs Wear

The Name Of The Kind Of Hats That Chefs Wear

Women and men for a long time now have been undergoing different forms of training so that they can become professional chefs. No doubt, these forms of training are based on aspects of food preparation. These tradesmen are good in the art of cooking and their skills made them famous. Five-star hotels look for these exceptionally skilled chefs in desperation for immediate employment. The chefs in this situation go for the highest-paid hotel since the money is what they want after all.

Unlike decades ago, where cooking was strictly a woman’s thing, any man seen cooking was considered to be a commuting abomination, especially in men-dominated places. Some traditions and religions also forbid men from entering the kitchen to cook for any reason. It was an activity set aside for women to do without man’s interference. This olden day belief does not have a grip on men any longer. Today, there are chefs who are men and women working together in the same place. There are restaurants, groceries, eateries, and special food stores where all of their chefs are men.

Years ago, chefs were highly respected

Men are no longer discriminated against for entering kitchens to cook food. High schools, hospitals, companies or even private households hire experienced chefs. Chefs who can cook different variety of dishes for different purposes. Just like a normal profession has its dress code, chefs have a particular way of dressing that is peculiar to their profession. Their uniform is a combination of a torque blanch which is a white hat, a double breasted-jacket, a specially sewn trouser pants and then an apron. The jacket has wide front flaps with two columns of bottoms by the sides of the breasts running downward and at the same time opposite to each other in a row. Buttons that are placed by the sides of the jacket have meanings.

Years ago, chefs were highly respected just like the doctors are respected. And because there were not many, chefs were unique public figures. Qualified chefs wear jackets with black bottoms while students wear jackets with white bottoms. This is so they can easily be differentiated. Toque Blanche is a French word which means “white hat” but it is usually called “toquet” in short. This is so that sanitary would be maintained in cooking since any careless act can go a long way to affect individuals that consume the food.

Festivals and holidays do not relieve

Skillful chefs work in different locations, depending on where their services are needed. Though they work in different locations, the nature of their work is almost the same as cooking. However, some chefs work for a particular period after which they close, others do not enjoy such a privilege. For some spend their weekends with their families at home, others get busy at weekends being it a break day given from work and men would like to treat themselves with a sumptuous meal. Some chefs are usually the first to arrive at a restaurant, and they would be the last to leave after.

Festivals and holidays do not relieve them of work; rather, it makes work tiresome for them as most restaurants sell more during festivities. Chefs also find themselves under pressure while others do not find themselves under such pressure. A chef may receive numerous orders within a short time and still is expected to prepare delicious meals satisfying all the customers. Even while preparing requested orders, the chef is still expected to maintain strict hygiene.

The Name Of The Kind Of Hats That Chefs Wear

Chefs are always busy, either serving, receiving demands or preparing the customers requested dishes. This unique profession is exposed to the danger of getting burnt or spilling hot food on themselves while trying to serve customers. Chefs are always intellectually active because they need to be in a good relationship with other kitchen staff. To provide quality services to demanding customers, chefs generally have to be up and going.

Great chefs do not have a particular area where their services are required. Chefs have unrestricted places where their services are always needed. Employment opportunities were in ships, companies, trains, resorts, hospitals, hotels, with many other places. While in any of these places, it is expected of them to prepare delicious meals. Chefs are smart, neat, intelligent and hardworking set of professionals who are tirelessly giving their best in making sure good food gets served to demanding customers.