Toques: Personality Enhancers

Toques: Personality Enhancers

Toque is a special type of cap that is opened from one side, and it has one fold from the opened side. It is only used by a cook as a toque is a most important part of his/her personality. Suppose, you have to identify a chef from a group of individuals so the first thing that you identify is a toque. The hat of a cook is totally different from an ordinary hat as it is white, straight, and rectangular. Hats of a cook are made up of a pure cotton material that enhances the look of a cook who is wearing it. Suppose, your friend randomly asked you a question regarding a chef.

A striking thought that comes to

A striking thought that comes to your mind is regarding a toque. A big personality always uses a unique thing or symbol to elaborate their character including their looks. Personality is the main reason behind the use of long hats by the cooks because character matters a lot for an individual. A living being is judged by his personality rather than his looks. Suppose, you are in a group of human beings, and you do not know anyone from that group. Suddenly, you meet a person but, you do not know anything about himself. But, if that person is wearing a toque, so you can judge that person easily, and you get a random idea regarding his cooking.

The shine of a toque indicates

The shine of a toque indicates the dedication of a cook towards his passion. A policeman is identified by his/her uniform, doctors are identified by their white courts similarly, cooks are known by their white toques. The other reason for wearing a long hat is the hair fall which is a common problem among the population. When you are cooking food in the kitchen without covering your head, the chance of falling off your hair in a food item increases. Hair in the food has a bad impact regarding the work of a cook as it is the responsibility of a chef to make healthy food. There are numerous cooks that have missed their jobs because of the presence of a single hair in their prepared food.

Toques: Personality Enhancers

Hair contains dandruff and dust, together with microbes that can cause a serious disease in a human being. Cooks prefer to wear a fitted toque that can tightly bound the hairs to avoid falling. The presence of a hair in the prepared meal of a cook harms their character. The image of a cook in front of his lovers matters a lot, so a small mistake in the serving of an eating item can affect his reputation. Serving food is most important for cooks, and a single hair exploits the look including the taste of that food.

Toques can symbolize the ranking of a chef as there are several ranks like junior cooks, middle cooks including the senior cooks also. Toque is the achievement of a cook as he/she has to earn this long hat like a medal that is earned by an athlete. A long hat increases the shine of a cook by indicating his/her post. Ranking is most important for chefs as a good chef is identified by the height of a hat. Cooks prefer to make a pure cotton hat to avoid itching problem on sunny days because the softness of a cotton material cannot be compared with any other cloth. Rough materials in long hats are not tolerated by cooks as they cause rashes on their head.

The long hat of a chef is similar to the identity card of a student as a chef gets an identification from his/her followers. Suppose, you have to choose a chef from a group of cooks, so you get an idea about the status of a cook by the size of his toque. This identification is helpful for numerous human beings as they have a choice to select the top-rated chef. Cooks have been using a toque for numerous years so whenever their level increases, they get a longer toque compared to the previous one. A toque is incomplete without a cook as the need of a toque cannot be fulfilled by any item, and its material cannot be replaced by any other cloth.